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On the Grid Network is for Managers and leaders who work across the full project lifecycle of critical infrastructure.

If you work in transportation, three-waters, energy, waste or telecommunications and are passionate about making the world a better place, we’d love you to join us!

how it works

We share knowledge and ideas, learn from each other, and problem-solve together. Best of all – it’s virtual! So you can join in from your desk and eat your lunch at the same time.

We communicate weekly via our online community app, and host virtual discussions on a range of topics related to our day to day challenges with a focus on sustainability, adaptability, and wellbeing.

how it helps you

Learn, share and connect with colleagues around the globe. Get ideas for your workplace and contribute to discussions that will help others.

We believe that by learning together we can build a healthier, happier world where our infrastructure supports everyone to thrive.

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membership is open

The Details

On the Grid Network is open to anyone working in critical infrastructure in a management or team leadership role.

the host

The group is hosted by Hayden Bed, founder of On the Grid. Having worked in the infrastructure industry for over a decade, Hayden is acutely aware of the impact of wellbeing on the sustainability of businesses and their employees’
ability to respond, adapt and be resilient. Hayden is passionate about creating environments that support thriving mental health and wellbeing and setting up people for success.

the terms

We have a set of terms and conditions we all agree to which will be provided to you before you join. This just protects the group so that it continues to be a place of learning, growth and support. Please note this is a collegial
group and membership is at our sole discretion.